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Why should I get multi motorbike insurance?

If you’re looking for cheap multi cover bike insurance, you’re in luck. While multi motorbike insurance is technically specialised, many providers to offer such a service. Multi bike motorcycle insurance can save your admin time, as well as stress – but most importantly, it can save you money! If you’re a bike enthusiast with multiple motorbikes – you need to consider getting multi motorcycle insurance online today. Here, we go through why you might require such a policy, the benefits, how to get the cheapest cover, and what you can do to reduce your premiums.

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Why do multi motorcycle insurance companies offer cheaper insurance?

Many insurance providers who offer multi motorbike insurance online, offer a discounted rate for the more bikes you add to the policy. Many policies are up to four bikes but offer further discounts with the addition of more bikes. This is because it is essentially like ‘bulk buying’ insurance. There is less admin involved for the provider as the information about the owner remains the same, and all the bikes are easily compiled on one policy. If you own multiple motorbikes, it’s definitely worth looking into getting a multi bike motorcycle insurance comparison rather than having your bikes with separate providers.

How do I use a multi bike motorcycle insurance comparison tool to find a good deal?

If you’re looking for a multi motorcycle insurance quote online, you might be thinking it’ll be easy to secure a great deal immediately – after all, the internet is full of information. However, you might feel overwhelmed quite quickly, as there are so many options available. On top of this, not every provider offers multi bike insurance online, which makes it harder to find what you’re looking for.

This is why we would always suggest using a multi bike motorcycle insurance comparison tool – in order to scour the web for the best deals. The tool takes a few pertinent details about your personal situation and bikes and shows you the best deals for you and your needs – all in under 5 minutes! It’s illegal to have any vehicle or bike left uninsured (unless it’s SORN), so it’s imperative you insure every bike you own. Quickly searching for the best multi bike cover insurance quote using the tool takes the hassle out of an otherwise annoying task – meaning you’ll be back on your bike in no time!

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How to get cheap multi motorcycle insurance?

When getting multi motorbike insurance quotes, you have to put in accurate information to get a valid insurance quote – if you try and input details that make your policy purposefully cheaper that are untrue, you are committing insurance fraud, which is against the law.

It’s also best practice to make your insurance information as accurate as possible due to the fact anything that is inaccurate might cost you your policy when you really need it – and you don’t want your policy to be null and void should you be in an accident.

However, there are a few simple changes you can make to your riding habits in order to possibly lower your multi motorbike insurance quotes. These are easy to implement and may possibly lower the cost of your multi motorbike insurance quotes!

  • Keep yourself – and your bike – safe: insurers favour safer drivers, and riders who keep their bikes safe. Lock away your bike when it’s not in use, and ride as carefully as possible. The more years of no claims benefits you have, the lower the premium. When it comes to the safety of your bikes, make sure you keep them in a safe place – such as a garage – and utilise locks and chains when not in use, as insurance companies may offer you a cheaper bike insurance multi policy when the bikes are ‘safe’ from accidents and potential theft.
  • Look into taking additional tests and getting more riding qualifications. Insurers favour riders with more experience, as they are seen as less ‘high risk’. It might be worth asking your provider whether there’s any extra measures you can take to become more qualified, in order to reduce your premium, and prove your skills to your insurance provider.
  • When you have multiple bikes, they most likely will all be different engine powers and be able to achieve different speeds. The fastest, most high tech bikes are often more expensive to insure as they are higher risk, so it’s worth telling your insurer the power of all your bikes, in order to get cheaper insurance on the lower powered ones.
How can I get multi bike insurance?

The best way to get a bike insurance multi policy is to research and shop around. Because multi bike insurance is relatively specialised, the best deal may not automatically be offered to you just by an internet search, and each provider may value your bikes differently, or take different aspects of your situation into account – which could leave you with a better - or worse - deal. The best way to get a multi bike insurance policy that suits you is by using a multi bike insurance comparison tool in order to discover the best deals online, personalised for your needs,

Can I add my motorbike to my multi car insurance?

This is allowed by some multi bike insurance companies but not by others, some simply allow you to insure multiple bikes on one premium. This is something you need to research and talk to individual companies about – there is not one set rule for all multi bike insurance companies, and as such you always need to do additional research pick the best option for you and your needs.

How does multi bike insurance work?

Multi bike insurance works by allowing you to add a secondary bike onto one insurance policy. For example, if you own two motorcycles, you could benefit from a multi bike policy.

The benefits of multi bike insurance:

  • Oftentimes bike enthusiasts will own multiple bikes, getting a multi bike insurance quote simply makes their lives easier!
  • There is only one policy, so there’s only one set of paperwork, one renewal date, one premium, and one company to keep track of. The convenience of having everything in one place with your insurance managed by one company is extremely important to some people, who want to spend more time riding than doing insurance admin!
  • Some multi bike insurance companies offer a multi bike discount, meaning it could actually save you some money to take out a multi bike insurance policy rather than individual policies.
  • Many of the best multi bike insurance UK policies offer cover up to four bikes, and sometimes allow extra bikes to be added, at an even bigger discount – think of it a ’bulk buying’ insurance.
  • It means all your bikes are insured in tandem, meaning you can safely take your pick of whatever bike you’d like to ride that day!
Have a question about multi cover bike insurance or how to multi bike insurance compare?

Do you have a question we haven’t answered here about how to get the cheapest multi bike insurance policies available? Feel free to get in touch with our expert team and we can help you out with any queries you may have about getting the cheapest multi bike insurance possible! Our team would love to help you, so send us an email today.

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What kind of insurance can I get multi motorbike insurance quotes for?

The multi motorbike insurance comparison tool can be used for multiple types of specialist bike insurance – not just multi motorbike insurance. This includes scooter insurance, custom bike insurance, classic and vintage bike insurance, cruiser insurance, specialised motorbike insurance such as 125cc bike insurance, and even dirt and quad bike insurance! Whatever kind of bike insurance needs you have, using a comparison tool is the easiest and quickest way of getting the best deal, every time.

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What is the best multi motorcycle insurance UK?

Motorcycle Insurance won’t recommend one specific insurance provider or policy – because insurance policies are so personal to you and your situation. For example, your age, sex and location are all taken into account, so without this information insurers can’t tell you the best place to get your multi motorcycle insurance online.


How do I get the best multi motorbike insurance UK?

The best way to get personalised multi motorcycle insurance quotes is to use the quote comparison tool. All you need is a few details about the bike and rider – and five minutes – and you’ll be shown the best deals on the internet for you. No ringing around, trawling the web or being on hold any more!

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