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Why do I need temporary motorcycle insurance?

Any vehicle or bike needs to be insured unless it is declared as off the road. You need to be insured for every journey you make for every vehicle – not only is it extremely unsafe, it’s also illegal to leave it to chance. But if you only want to make one day’s worth of journeys on a bike – such as if you want to borrow one from a friend, or if you only need to travel to one destination – you must still have proper 1 day bike insurance cover. You can also have slightly longer temporary bike insurance cover, but none of the temporary motorbike insurance UK options are permanent. This makes short term motorbike insurance a great option for someone who doesn’t need to ride the bike for the entire year or is just borrowing it. Read on for more tips on how to find cheap temporary bike insurance, and to discover how to accurately (and quickly!) compare temporary bike insurance quotes.

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How do I find short term motorbike insurance for cheap? Can I compare temporary bike insurance quotes?

Saving money when finding temporary bike insurance quotes is easier than you may think. If you’re searching for temporary motorbike insurance UK and feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of sites, policies and numbers to call – don’t be! There is another way. You no longer have to trawl through hundreds of websites or read tonnes of reviews. Simply try out the cheap temporary bike insurance comparison tool today, which will show you all of the best temporary motorcycle insurance quotes in one place. From here, you can check out all the most relevant options to you, and after a little research into each policy, decide which suits your needs best. A quote comparison tool really is the best way to find cheap temporary bike insurance, and getting a quote only takes a few personal details, and five minutes or under!

How can I save money on temporary bike insurance cover?

multi bike 3When looking to purchase short term bike insurance or even just 1 day bike insurance cover, you must be 100% accurate and honest with the providers when providing your details, because any discrepancies may mean your insurance policy is null and void – not what you want to discover after an accident! However, oftentimes there are small ways you can easily implement in order to get yourself a cheap temporary bike insurance cover – whether it’s annually or just a temporary bike cover policy. Here are some ways you can potentially save yourself a bit of money when looking for temporary bike insurance quotes.

  • Always be safe – both when driving, and when storing your bike. Experienced riders with more no claims benefit will usually receive a discount on their policy for being a safer rider, which the insurance company will favour, as they will see the rider as being lower risk, which potentially reduces your premium. Additionally, keeping your bike locked up, safe, or stowed in a garage (rather than, say, parked on the street), and using chains, alarms and locks when it’s not in use will potentially reduce your short term motorcycle insurance cost, too.
  • Having an experienced rider added on to your policy can make your temporary bike insurance for under 21 year olds and less experienced riders more affordable. However, you do need to state the main driver. If you add an experienced driver on to the policy as the ‘main’ driver but this is not the case, you will be committing insurance fraud.
  • Although this may not be possible if you are borrowing someone else’s bike, it’s a good idea to think about the speed and power of the bike. Powerful bikes with large engines are generally more expensive to insure as policy providers see them as higher risk, so opting for a smaller, less powerful bike can sometimes reduce your premiums. There are sometimes specialist short term motorcycle insurance options for specific sized bikes, such as temporary 125 motorbike insurance.

As always, to find the best one day bike insurance, you need to get a range of short term motorbike insurance quotes to work out what is the best option for you and your needs. We would always recommend using the quotation comparison tool to discover a range of policies suited to you, from which you can pick the best option quickly and easily!

Aside from one day bike insurance, what other covers can I get?

Once your 1 day bike insurance cover is up – should you choose to go that route – you might want to look into further specialist insurance for your bike. You can use the comparison tool to get plenty of different types of both standard and specialist motorcycle insurance quotes. Use the tool to find quotes for scooter insurance, moped insurance, classic and vintage bike insurance, cruiser insurance and 125cc bike insurance. It can even help you find specific premiums, such as student insurance and multi bike insurance. Oftentimes premiums can be cheaper dependant on a specialist policy being taken out for the specific needs they are used for, so shopping around using a quote comparison tool really is the best option, when it comes to finding any insurance. Always remember that once your 1 day bike insurance cover is up, the vehicle needs to remain insured or SORN!

What is temporary bike insurance?

Temporary bike insurance is exactly what it says on the tin: bike insurance that only lasts a short amount of time. You can insure a bike for just one day, to 28 days, usually up to a maximum of 3 months. After this it usually makes sense to get an annual insurance policy, rather than temporary bike insurance UK.

For example, if you have a bike you want to borrow from a friend, or you want to simply drive it off the forecourt home, or maybe you just want to drive your bike for a few specific months each year (when the roads are dry and the sun is shining, for example!) – a short term insurance policy can appeal to you, a sit means you don’t have to pay monthly insurance all year round, for a bike you may not be using all year round.

However, as it is illegal to own a vehicle or bike that is not insured, when your temporary bike insurance runs out, you’ll need to fill out a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) to declare your bike off the road. You cannot ride and use it when it is SORN until you insure it again and declare it as back on the road. Remember, if you SORN your bike, it isn’t insured. If it’s damaged or stolen while SORN, you’ll have to pay for any losses yourself.

Can you get temporary motorbike insurance UK?

You can get temporary bike insurance – but some insurance providers do not offer it, so you may have to go through a specialist insurer. Additionally, because insurance providers still have to charge and cover admin costs to set up the policy and have to do the same admin work for a short amount of insurance cover, it may seem disproportionately expensive to a normal bike insurance policy. You can’t calculate the potential cost of temporary bike cover by dividing a ‘normal’ policy by the amount of time you might want it for.

There is also the option of taking out an annual policy and cancelling it when you no longer need it but remember you may need to think about cancellation charges you could face in addition to the cost of the policy. Additionally, while cancelling an annual policy when you no longer need it could entitle you to a refund if you haven’t made any claims (this isn’t guaranteed), you won’t get a no claims bonus for that year.

How old do you have to be for temporary motorbike insurance?

Everyone of the correct age to ride their bike of choice can take out temporary motorbike insurance. However, remember that the younger you are, the more expensive your premium will be. Temporary bike insurance for under 21 year olds will most likely be more expensive than for older riders. The same for people with fewer years of no claims – you’ll get a discount based on how many years of no claims you have, but if you are younger (for example, if you require temporary bike insurance for under 21 years old) and have not built up a no claims, your temporary bike insurance cover will be more expensive. The best way to work out your own individual cost, for your personal circumstances, is to get a free, quick quote using the temporary bike insurance quotes comparison system.

How quickly can I get temporary motorbike insurance?

Like most insurance policies, temporary motorbike insurance UK can kick in on the day of purchase, or you can start on a day of your choice (normally within a time limit. For example, if you buy a short term bike insurance policy on the first of the month, you’ll have the option of every day in that month for it to ‘kick in’, but no longer further in the future than in that month).

Have a question we haven’t managed to answer here?

If you need short term bike insurance, and you still need some help with something we haven’t managed to discuss in our handy guide here, please feel free to get in touch and we will do our upmost to assist you, and help you with your query! Get in touch today, we’d love to help you.

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