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Quad Bike Insurance

So, you’re an experienced quad biker, who loves nothing more than taking your bike out for a spin in the mud? Or, you’ve tried it once, loved the thrill, and want to get into it more? Whatever kind of quad bike rider you are, you know the importance of always being safe during your sport. With any kinds of ‘extreme sport’ such as quad biking, it’s a great idea to get some type of insurance, for if you get into an accident, or if your quad bike is damaged during riding. Here, we run through all the most asked questions regarding quad bike insurance, the different types of insurance available to you, and share tips on how to reduce your premium, to find the most cheap quad bike insurance possible. After reading our handy guide, you’ll be out riding your new quad in no time at all!

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Should I get quad bike insurance?

If you love your quad bike and would hate to have to replace it if anything happened to it, it’s a good idea to get insurance to protect it. But there are lots of options – if you don’t mind your own quad getting scuffed up, but wouldn’t want to have to pay the legal, medical or property costs of someone else were you to hit them, there’s insurance for that, too.

We would suggest looking into third party insurance (usually the most cheap quad bike insurance), third party with fire & theft off road quad bike insurance, and then fully comprehensive cover, which means you, your quad, and anyone else involved is covered.

How do I get cheap quad bike insurance?

Off road quad bike insurance does not technically require insurance – as long as it’s definitely an off-road (not road legal) vehicle, and you don’t intend to use it on roads at all.

If it is a quad bike that’s legal to use on the road, you do require insurance by law. Getting cheap quad bike insurance might be a little tricky, though. Some companies do not provide quad bike insurance quotes at all, as they are not a traditional vehicle. Some may be able to insure it as an object protected under your home insurance, and specialists will insure your quad bike separately, as if it were a normal bike or vehicle.

The best way to get a quad bike insurance quote is by using a cost comparison tool – which shows you all the best deals on the market for quad bike insurance online. This saves you the time of trawling the internet for quotes yourself and means you don’t have to spend hours on hold to providers, or deep-dive into hundreds of insurance sites! Try the quad bike insurance cost comparison tool today and see how much you could save – whether you’re thinking of buying your first quad bike, or whether you just want to save some money on your premium.

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What is the quad bike insurance cost? Reducing your quad bike insurance cost UK:

The quad bike insurance cost will entirely rely on your own personal situations, such as your age, sex and location. However, there are a few things you may be able to do to reduce your quad bike insurance cost. Always be 100% honest with your provider when filling out your details for quad bike insurance online, but there are a few, simple changes you can implement that your insurance provider may take into account – and favour – when creating your premium. Here are some things you can consider doing:

  • Keep your quad bike safe when it’s not in use, particularly at night. Keeping your quad bike locked up in a garage can help lower your premium, as insurance companies see it as less risk to theft, damage and accidents should it be locked away. When not in use locks, chains and alarms can also be implemented to great use, and some companies will further reduce your payments.
  • Check to see if there’s any extra rider tests you can take. Some insurance companies give lower premiums to more experienced riders, so by taking more tests, you might prove to them that you’re a skilled, sensible quad bike driver. These can be especially of use if you are a young driver with not much experience.
  • The speed and power of your quad bike can affect how much your quad bike insurance cost will be – consider using or switching to a lower-powered bike for a cheaper quote.
  • Small changes, such as paying your quad bike insurance UK annually rather than monthly, can save you a little extra, too.
  • Think about the excess. Many insurance providers will give you the option to pay a larger excess in order to achieve smaller insurance payments, but you do need to consider that should you require using your insurance, you will have to afford the excess in order to access the services, so think about what may benefit you more.


Do you need insurance to drive a quad bike?

If your quad bike is only an off-road vehicle, technically you do not need quad bike insurance. Quad bikes are primarily off-road only vehicles; however, some are road legal. If your quad bike is road legal, you will need quad bike insurance. To check if your quad bike is road legal, you will need to research into your model and contact the manufacturer. If it is road legal, and if you intend to drive it on the road at all (even to get to your off-road location), you will need specialist quad bike insurance.

Can you insure a quad bike?

If you are using an off road quad bike, solely on private land with the owners permission, you don’t have to be a certain age, nor do you have to have any kind of paperwork, MOT, tax or insurance. These are optional – you may ask your home insurance provider whether they would cover your quad bike as if they would a bicycle. However, if they will not – and it’s an expensive piece of kit you want to protect - it might be worth insuring your quad bike individually, for insurance against accidental damage, fire and theft.

If you use your off-road quad for agricultural, horticultural or forestry use, it must be registered with the government,

If your bike is available to go on the road, you need road legal cover. Road legal quad bikes require road legal quad bike insurance UK. You can then decide which level of cover you need – such as third party (which only covers damage to others’ property should you get into an accident with them), third party with fire & theft (which is third party insurance plus damage against fire and theft), or fully comprehensive cover (which covers you and your quad for damage, as well as anyone else involved in the accident). If you don’t use your quad at all and don’t intend to use it, you can complete a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) and send it to the DVLA – otherwise, like any vehicles, an on-road quad bike always needs to be taxed and insured.

How much is quad bike insurance? What is the quad bike insurance cost UK?

The cost of quad bike insurance online entirely depends on your personal situation. Getting an accurate quote for the quad bike insurance cost UK relies on the age of the driver, the safety of the quad bike, how it’s intended to be used, and the features of the quad bike. Once these factors have been determined, your provider will be able to supply you with a quad bike insurance quote that’s personalised to you. However, as a rule, because quad bikes are normally used for sport and not daily commutes, they might be viewed as lower risk by the premium provider (as they are used less frequently than, say, a motorcycle) and therefore should be fairly affordable insure.

However, you cannot just rely on providers to offer you the best deal automatically, you still need to shop around. The best way to do so is to get a free, convenient quote that takes under 5 minutes to find – using the comparison tool. Use the quad bike insurance quote UK comparison tool, and have the best deals shown to you for your quad bike insurance UK. From here, you can research around the policies and find the best one for your needs and quad biking requirements. Finding a quote is easy, and if you have a quad bike you intend to use on roads, you have to have it!

If you have a question about quad bike insurance…

If you have a question we haven’t answered here – about anything to do with quad bike insurance UK – please do feel free to get in touch and our team of experts can help you with your issue! We’d love to hear form you, so do please drop us an email.

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