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Classic bike insurance, getting the best classic motorbike insurance:

Your bike may be ‘vintage’ without you even realising it – and did you know, if it is, you need different insurance? There is a big difference between classic motorbike insurance and modern bike insurance, and anything older than 25 years old can be classified as a classic bike, therefore it’s important to shop for insurance accordingly. Make sure to check your bike’s age and work out whether it would be ‘classic’ or ‘modern’ before you start checking out insurance quotes.

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Where to find classic motorcycle insurance:

Not all companies offer classic bike insurance, sometimes you need to go via a specialist provider. Some companies do not offer classic bike insurance online due to the costs it will incur the insurance provider, because the bikes are more specialist, older, and require more expensive parts and upkeep. Essentially, older bikes are more expensive to run and to replace and are sometimes too rare to even replace like-for-like, and as such some insurance policy providers just refuse to offer such insurance. They don’t want to be bothered with those policies! This means that riders really need to shop around to find a good, cheap classic bike insurance quote that is right for their needs, too.  

How to shop around to find cheap classic bike insurance:

That said, there are ways to keep the costs low, primarily by shopping for quotes and looking for a classic bike insurance comparison, by reducing the number of miles it’s driven each year and by always storing it in a safe place. The first way to get the cheapest possible quote is by using a cost comparison tool. The quotation comparison tool allows you to see every offer that’s available to you that fits your requirements and allows you to narrow down the options. From here, you can do a bit of research into each policy and choose the best one for you and your bike. This truly is the best way to find a good, cheap classic bike insurance quote, as it saves you so much time in the process – using the tool, it takes under 5 minutes to get a quote! So try the tool today to find out how much money you could be saving every year.

When it comes to classic bike insurance quotes in particular, it’s hugely important to ‘shop around’ – at the very least, three or four companies should be brought into consideration, to compare and contrast what’s being offered. When looking at a company, however, it shouldn’t just be a choice based on which is the cheapest, it’s important to find out how they will establish the value of the bike, and your estimation should be based on fair market value. If the bike would sell at auction for £15,000, then that’s about how much the insurance company should provide should it be a total loss. However, if it is based on actual cash value, it could be considerably less, making it difficult to replace it in the event of an accident. Always do your research around the provider and your bike model to make sure you’ll be covered for all eventualities.

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How to get reduce your classic motorcycle insurance premium:

Although classic motorcycle insurance may be more expensive than its modern counterpart, here are some things you can do to reduce your classic motorbike insurance UK quote;

  • Keep the miles low: many classic bikes are more for show and display than for anything else – which might actually work in your favour when it comes time to pay the insurance bill. It’s imperative to tell an insurance company how many kilometres it will be driven a year, as they favour bikes that are driven less frequently. Many companies will provide discounts if the kilometres are kept under a certain number, and you can compare this with the quotation tool to make sure you’re getting the best deal. If you want to drive your classic bike frequently, your premium may be higher.
  • Safety first: insurance companies favour bikes that are stored and kept safely by their owners, as there is less risk posed to the bike. Knowing that your classic bike is being stored in a garage as opposed to on the street can make a considerable difference in price, too. This will show the insurance company that there is less chance of it getting stolen or damaged when not in use.
  • Don’t let interest accrue: paying your insurance charge annually rather than monthly can save you a little extra, as no interest accrues.

Shopping for classic bike insurance can take time simply because not all insurance providers offer it, which means it can be pretty tricky to find a premium that suits you perfectly. Use the quotation comparison tool to find a range of offers, and from here, do some research around the premium and the provider in order to find the best type of classic motorbike insurance UK for you!

Get the best classic bike insurance, using a classic bike insurance comparison tool What is classic motorbike insurance?

Classic motorbike insurance is insurance for any motorcycle over 25 years old. This includes vintage bikes that people still ride, and bikes that are used for display purposes. Most vintage bikes are used for showcasing and displaying and are kept as prize possessions by vintage bike enthusiasts. Classic bike fans usually know how valuable their assets are and want to get them covered with the best classic bike insurance possible – even if they’re not taking them out on the open road anymore.

How old does my bike need to be for classic motorbike insurance?

Any motorcycle older than 25 years requires specialist, classic motorbike insurance. Any motorcycle over 25 years old is classed as vintage and therefore requires a special policy, and sometimes cover from a specialist provider. You should research more into your specific model of classic bike to see if specialist cover is necessary for that particular model and year.

Is classic motorbike insurance cheaper than normal bike insurance?

Sadly, it is often the other way around, with classic bike insurance costs being higher than that of modern motorcycles and bikes. Although it may seem like it should be the other way around, with more high tech motorbikes being more expensive to insure, this is not the case. Many insurers won’t offer classic bike insurance as it’s seen as too high risk, or not worth the money should they need fixing. Many classic motorbikes are very expensive to run (due to their old parts, or the specialist care needed), and it costs an insurance company more money to replace. Oftentimes, lots of upkeep has been put into a classic bike, which can increase the value too as they become rarer.

However, if you’re looking to find providers who are willing to provide classic motorcycle insurance, there are ways to get a cheaper quote – and you should always shop around, looking for a comprehensive classic bike insurance comparison. A good way to start looking for cheap classic bike insurance is by comparing quotes, using a cost comparison tool. Simply enter your information into the cost comparison tool and get the best classic bike insurance UK options for you – no trawling the web required! Because different providers have different ways to measure the value of classic motorcycles, it’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes from different companies. One could value your bike much more highly than the next. The quote comparison tool is the easiest way of looking at a large range of offers in one go.

What are the rules for a classic motorbike’s insurance?

The rules of classic motorbike insurance UK very similar to that of normal bike insurance, however there are a few other things that make some classic bike insurance quotes different from ‘normal’ bikes. For example, your classic bike insurance UK might cover you for motorcycle showcase events and rallies, which is very handy should you want to showcase your gorgeous classic motorcycle!

Have a question about finding the best classic bike insurance cost?

If you have a question that isn’t discussed here – or maybe you just want to chat about an aspect of the classic motorcycle insurance process we haven’t covered in this handy guide – please feel free to get in touch with a friendly member of our expert team!

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Buying classic bike insurance online, and other types of insurance     

The quotation comparison tool doesn’t simply have to be used for classic bike insurance costs. Motorcycle Insurance can find you the best quotes for all kinds of bike insurance – not just limited to classic motorbike insurance UK. After you’re done hunting for the best classic motorbike insurance, why not check out the handy tips for finding temporary bike insurance, multi bike insurance, cruiser insurance, student insurance, and even 125cc bike insurance?

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