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If you own a superbike, you’re probably a proud bike rider – you don’t want anything to happen to that superbike! However, you’re also aware that due to the power of your bike, your superbike bike insurance premium is probably a little pricey – but you still need to protect it with the best superbike insurance UK available to you. Learn how Motorcycle Insurance can help you to compare superbike insurance.

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Get the best superbike motorbike insurance

Many superbikes are extremely expensive to buy and the last thing that you need is to experience an accident while riding a superbike, have it stolen or damaged, and be left without adequate insurance to cover your costs. In a worst-case scenario, without proper superbike insurance, you might have to re-buy your superbike outright following an accident – something many people simply are not in the financial position to do. Therefore, even if you’re the most careful rider in the world, getting the best superbike insurance possible is always a good idea. Remember, others might not be as careful as you are!

Get superbike motorbike insurance quotes & compare superbike insurance

While it is imperative that you get superbike motorbike insurance before hitting the open road, it can be a daunting task. The internet is full of information from providers, and it can be so hard to know whether you’re getting the best deal or not.

What you need is a simple, easy to use comparison tool, that cuts out all the noise – and does the hard work for you. This is where Motorcycle Insurance can help you. Our simple price comparison tool means you only have to input your information once, and we source the best superbike insurance quotes for you and your needs. Once you’ve found your perfect policy, and compared your selection of personalised superbike insurance quotes, you can purchase your deal, and once you’re safely insured, get out on your bike!

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Why use Motorcycle Insurance for superbike bike insurance?

We understand that the kind of superbike insurance deal that you choose will ultimately be up to you, however, by supplying you with information about a range of great deals, Motorcycle Insurance should get you up and running on your bike as quickly as possible. Our comparison tool helps you find the best deals for you, which assist you getting your bike insured quickly with minimal hassle! You can utilise Motorcycle Insurance whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly payments, want a change in provider, need a different policy, or have just purchased your superbike and want to get yourself insured and ready to go!

Is superbike insurance expensive?

Generally, the higher value a bike is, the higher engine power, and the more dangerous a bike is, the more expensive the insurance will be. Although your personal superbike insurance premium will vary for plenty of reasons that you cannot control – such as how often you ride it, your age, sex and location – superbike insurance will generally be more expensive than, say, custom bike insurance or quad bike insurance. As always, we recommend you always compare superbike insurance quotes to get the best deal.

How much is superbike insurance?

Superbike insurance quotes will vary depending on many factors – so we can’t tell you for sure. The best way to determine how much your personal quote might be is to compare superbike insurance providers, and the packages they offer. This doesn’t need to be time consuming, simply use our quotation comparison provider tool, enter your details, and you’ll be shown the best superbike bike insurance quotes for you and your needs. It takes under 5 minutes!

How old do you have to be to get superbike insurance?

To ride a 250cc superbike you have to have held an A2 license and been driving for at least two years, plus be 21 years old or over. Therefore, because you need to be insured on any bike before you ride it, you must be 21 years old to get superbike insurance.

Do I need to insure my superbike to tax it?

You can’t have one without the other – you need to tax your superbike, and you need insurance to successfully tax it. If you aren’t using your superbike and aren’t sure whether you need to insure it, you still need to take into account theft and accidental damage. It’s always best to have some kind of insurance on your superbike, whether you’re using it or not. Discuss your exact requirements with your superbike insurance provider, to work out the cheapest superbike insurance option for you.

Got a question about anything superbike insurance UK that hasn’t been answered above? Simply get in touch with us here and a friendly member of our team will be able to answer all of your questions. We’d love to hear from you!  

Compare superbike motorbike insurance – what’s best?

superbike with helmet 2Compare superbike insurance

When looking for superbike insurance, you firstly need to consider the sort of cover you require, and whether this is a very basic kind, or the most comprehensive cover necessary. This will be the best superbike insurance but may also be the most expensive – so figure out which is the best kind for your needs and requirements.

Third party – cheapest superbike insurance

The minimum kind of superbike insurance UK that is required by law for riders is third party insurance. However, if you do opt for third party insurance it is vital to understand that you will only be covered against damage that is caused to someone else, or their property, by your superbike – you won’t be covered for any repairs to your own bike. So, while this is the cheapest superbike insurance, it’s sometimes not the safest option for your own personal superbike.

Third party, fire & theft insurance

Third party fire and theft bike insurance policies are also available. Using this kind of policy, you receive the same cover as per normal third party superbike insurance, but with a bit extra. You will additionally receive cover against the theft or fire of your superbike on the road or in your home. To this end, many superbike owners opt for a third party fire and theft insurance policy.

Fully comprehensive superbike insurance

Alternatively, you may decide that comprehensive insurance is the best option for your superbike – this kind of insurance will cover you for any damage that is caused against someone else, or their property, by your superbike. However crucially, it will also cover your superbike against damage caused by an accident, fire or theft. This is why it’s often the most expensive cover to choose, as it’s such a safe option that can help protect you and your bike in all eventualities.

While we cannot advise which is the best option to take, our quote comparison tool can help you to find the cheapest superbike insurance that’s the best policy for you. Whatever you decide to do when insuring your superbike, always read the small print, and in particular pay attention to any modification restrictions to make sure your superbike is covered for all eventualities  – with a little careful research utilising our quotation comparison tool, you will quickly find the best superbike cover for you!

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Getting the cheapest superbike insurance possible:

superbike with helmet 3To get a good insurance deal that adequately covers you for all eventualities, you need to be 100% honest with your provider. However, while there are aspects of your cover you may not be able to change to make cheaper (such as your age, sex and location), there are a few things you can do possibly lower your premium, to get the cheapest superbike insurance possible.

  • Storage of your superbike can play a part in your premium. The safer your superbike is while not in use, the lower the premium, to cover against things like damage, accidents and theft. Therefore, if you store your bike in a garage overnight, and use alarms, locks and chains to secure it, your insurance premium may be lower.
  • The amount you use your superbike can also affect your superbike insurance quotes. Some providers lower your premium if you only use it a certain amount of time a year, or do a certain number of miles – which, if you adhere to the rules, could make it the cheapest superbike insurance.
  • Some providers allow you to take further rider qualifications so that you’re a more experienced rider, and then will reduce your premium in future.
  • Watch out for modifications – some insurance policies don’t cover modified bikes, and you don’t want the worst to happen only to find out your bike was never covered! This could be an expensive mistake to make, so always check.
  • Most insurers charge less for smaller engines and bikes. While you may love your superbike, if the insurance is becoming too much, there’s always the possibility to switch to a smaller, less powerful bike.
  • There are also smaller switches you can make to reduce your payments, such as paying annually rather than monthly, if you can.

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