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Looking to compare scooter insurance UK? You’ve come to the right place – you can compare, find and buy scooter insurance. At Motorcycle Insurance, you can compare all kinds of bike insurance – be it scooter insurance, motorbike insurance, moped insurance or multi bike insurance. We know looking for a cheap scooter insurance quote can be time-consuming and dull – and difficult to know whether you’re getting the best deal or not. Let us help you find out how much is the insurance for a scooter, and how to get cheap scooter insurance!


Do you need insurance on a scooter?

Scooters are a great mode of transportation – they’re quick, cheap to run, compact, and are amazing for commuting short distances. If you live in a city, they’re a must – there are no issues with parking, nor congestion charges! Because of the convenient, lightweight nature of electric scooters, and for these reasons, you might wonder ‘do you need insurance on a scooter’ – and you’d be right to wonder that. The short answer is yes: you do need scooter insurance cover. Riding a scooter without electric scooter insurance is illegal, the DVLA regulations means that any vehicle that hasn’t been declared off the road must have insurance – including scooter insurance UK. Without electric scooter insurance, not only are you breaking the law, you’re also putting yourself and others at huge risk. Scooter insurance cover is a no brainer – especially when it’s cheap and easy to obtain. So, stop giving yourself a headache wondering ‘do I need insurance for an electric scooter?’ and find out more about how to get the best scooter insurance out there, here.

How much is the insurance for a Scooter? How do I find the best scooter insurance in the UK?

If you’re wondering how much is the insurance for a scooter when looking to compare classic or electric scooter insurance plans, you’re probably wanting to find the best deals. No one wants to pay over the odds for scooter insurance! We understand – you just want to jump on your new scooter and ride away, you don’t want an additional cost after you’ve just forked out for your new scooter. That’s why the quotation software will help you find the best deal when looking for cheap scooter insurance UK. Insurance prices can vary massively, with some premiums taking lots of things into consideration – such as your age, sex, where you live and where you store your scooter – and other providers and premiums trying to rip you off! Not ideal. The truth is until you enter all your details, specifications and needs into a price comparison site – you simply won’t know how much it is to buy scooter insurance UK. That’s why it’s always best to compare before you commit!

50cc scooter insurance cover and 125cc scooter insurance; What’s the difference?

50cc scooters are the lowest engines, meaning they are the slowest of the e scooters. 125cc and 150cc are the highest – meaning they’re much speedier. Because insurance companies often thing of faster vehicles and bikes as more dangerous, they often charge more for these insurance packages. This means your 125cc scooter insurance will cost more than your 50cc scooter insurance – so your insurance for 125cc scooter will be higher even if you’re the safest rider in the world.

How much does 50cc scooter insurance cost?

This is something to consider when choosing what kind of electric scooter you may want to purchase. When buying an insurance package, always check whether yours covers 50cc scooter insurance or higher – such as 125cc scooter insurance. There’s no point worrying about how much does 50cc scooter insurance cost if it won’t cover your engine size!

Does you provide insurance for electric scooters?

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive coverage for scooters, including e-scooter insurance. Our policies are designed to protect riders and their vehicles, whether you’re cruising on two wheels or zipping around on an electric scooter. 

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How to get cheap scooter insurance – make sure you’re getting the best scooter insurance:

Getting cheap scooter insurance online shouldn’t have to be a hassle. The quote comparison software means that you’ll receive a quick, cheaper scooter insurance quick – checking for motor scooter insurance cover can take literally 60 seconds, less than it takes to make a cup of coffee! A quick, instant quotation means you can check all different types of cover and compare scooter insurance UK quickly, so that you can find the best cover for you at the cheapest possible price. Therefore, you can get great scooter insurance for a cheap price – and have a weight off your mind!

Why comparing motor scooter insurance quotes with the quote comparison system could save you money:

You just got your hands on a brand new Vespa LX or how about a great restoration of a Lambretta TV 175, the rare prize of Italian vintage scooters (and if so, check out our classic scooter insurance tips). Does that mean you go right out the door and zip down the road to the next town and back as fast as you can? Not quite. Aside from making sure there’s a proper amount of petrol in the tank, motor scooter insurance is a requirement for a happy scooter and happy scooter rider, and you could find the best prices with the quote comparison system.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that a scooter has an impression of being frequently used by teenagers. Some of the strongest, best-designed models can easily produce highway speeds with 250cc and even 300cc engines built into their frames. As a result, they have just as much capability for performance as well as traffic risks as small motorcycles.

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The best scooter insurance for your needs, buy scooter insurance:

Similar to car insurance, motor scooter insurance comes in different variety and plan packages. There’s the basic limited plan which just provides coverage for whatever damage is caused to other people and their property. Then there is the maximum approach with comprehensive coverage which covers all risks except for those limited by the plan. For a prized scooter this approach is the way to go. It not only covers accident-caused damage in terms of both medical and property hurt by the rider, it also covers the rider and his property as well. Further, comprehensive covers non-accident damage such as theft, vandalism and natural disaster damage to the scooter. With the quote comparison system, you can compare the prices across a range of insurers for all of the plans.

How much is the insurance for a scooter?

The cost of insurance for your scooter entirely depends on your scooter and usage. If your engine is over a certain size, your insurance will increase. There are also other factors that will affect your scooter insurance, such as how frequently you ride it, how many miles a year you do, where you leave it when not in use, and how careful a rider you are. All of these things will affect your insurance price, so it’s important to get a personalised quote for a more accurate answer.

Do you need insurance on a scooter?

If you’re wondering ‘Do I need insurance for an electric scooter?’ the short answer is yes. The DVLA states that any vehicles that haven’t been declared as off the road must be insured. This is the safest option for you as the driver, as well as helping keep others and their vehicles safe, too. Depending on your policy, it means that should you get into an accident, you won’t be out of pocket – so it’s most definitely worth it.

How to get cheap scooter insurance?

The best way to get cheap scooter insurance is by comparing your options and shopping around. However, as many of us don’t have time for comparing lots of different deals, utilising a quote comparison site is the best option. You should try the quote comparison system to find the best deal for you!

How much does 50cc scooter insurance cost?

As insurance tends to increase with engine size – 50cc scooter insurance should be relatively low. However, this all depends on location, age, sex and driving history, so a personalised quote really is the best way to find out how much 50cc scooter insurance costs. Try out quotation comparison system today and start saving money!

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You can buy scooter insurance plans through a local insurance agent, but…

Oftentimes, you can buy electric scooter insurance plans directly over the Internet from large insurance companies themselves. That said, neither approach is automatically the best. A rider should shop around to get the best pricing and package available for his needs.

Because of the physical exposure on a scooter, a good scooter insurance UK plan should have enough medical coverage to get a driver back on his feet after a serious accident. Anything less, and a rider is taking a big chance, no matter how safe his skill is on the road with a scooter. A rider should also consider theft as many scooters get stolen outright. If a plan doesn’t include a decent replacement coverage, then the insurance policy isn’t worth much when the scooter disappears in the wrong neighbourhood.

A rider can find a very good plan with a bit of research and understand how different coverage plans apply. With a bit of homework, a good, classic scooter insurance plan can be matched to that vintage scooter find, making the entire scooter experience an enjoyable one!

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Other ways to reduce your scooter insurance quote:

Scooter 3When it comes to electric scooter insurance, honesty is the best policy – you need to be completely honest in case the worst were to happen. Should you get in an accident where you need your insurance to help, lying means there’s a possibility your claim won’t be paid out. However, having said this, there are some simple changes you can make to your riding habits that may decrease your scooter insurance cover quote, such as:

  • Limiting how many miles you ride your scooter yearly. Take into consideration whether it’s likely you’ll need your electric scooter for daily commutes or just occasional riders, and whether they’re short or long distances.
  • Consider where you keep your electric scooter. Many scooter insurance quotes are cheaper when you store your scooter somewhere safe and secure – such as a garage. Storing your scooter in a garage rather than on the road for example can be a quick change you can easily make, that will also save you money.
  • Making your scooter more secure can also help with securing cheap scooter insurance online. You could use a tyre lock, alarm, or heavy chains and locks when securing your scooter when it’s not in use, either at night or when you’re at home.
  • When purchasing your motor scooter, you can also consider choosing one with a smaller engine, depending on what you require it for, and how fast you need to go. Insurance wise, always check whether your policy is referring to 125cc scooter insurance or 50cc scooter insurance, so you can make sure you’re covered – but also paying a fair price. You don’t want to be paying for insurance for 125cc scooter if yours is slower than that! You can also check whether your insurance is classic scooter insurance, or modern, in line with the scooter you own.
  • Remember to always ride safely. This is the most important tip of them all – for your safety, for the safety of others, for your electric scooter – but also to save you money! Many insurance companies look into whether you have had previous accidents – the fewer accidents, the less money you may have to pay, helping you find cheap scooter insurance online.

Get a quick motor scooter insurance UK quote today:

So, stop putting it off and simply get a quick, cheap scooter insurance quote today. Use the quotation system for a pain-free experience. Whether you’re finding a quote for insurance for 125cc scooter or otherwise, you can get the best deals on your cheap scooter insurance online, as fast as possible! The quote comparison system will help you find exactly the right insurance for you – be it modern or classic scooter insurance.

Have a question about cheap scooter insurance online? Our FAQ’s might answer it! Check them out, here – however if your question isn’t answered, please do feel free to get in contact with us, and a friendly member of the Motorcycle Insurance team would be more than happy to assist you!

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