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You just got your hands on a brand new Vespa LX or how about a great restoration of a Lambretta TV 175, the rare prize of Italian vintage scooters. Does that mean you go right out the door and zip down the road to the next town and back as fast as you can? Not quite. Aside from making sure there's a proper amount of petrol in the tank, scooter insurance is a requirement for a happy scooter and happy scooter rider, and you could find the best prices with the Quotezone comparison system.

Don't be fooled by the fact that a scooter has an impression of being frequently used by teenagers. Some of the strongest, best-designed models can easily produce highway speeds with 250cc and even 300cc engines built into their frames. As a result, they have just as much capability for performance as well as traffic risks as small motorcycles.

Similar to car insurance, scooter insurance comes in different variety and plan packages. There's the basic limited plan which just provides coverage for whatever damage is caused to other people and their property. Then there is the maximum approach with comprehensive coverage which covers all risks except for those limited by the plan. For a prized scooter this approach is the way to go. It not only covers accident-caused damage in terms of both medical and property hurt by the rider, it also covers the rider and his property as well. Further, comprehensive covers non-accident damage such as theft, vandalism and natural disaster damage to the scooter. With the Quotezone comparison system, you can compare the prices across a range of insurers for all of the plans.

scooter insurance planMost scooter insurance plans can be obtained through a local insurance agent, but...

Plans can also be obtained directly over the Internet from large insurance companies themselves. That said, neither approach is automatically the best. A rider should shop around to get the best pricing and package available for his needs.

Because of the physical exposure on a scooter, a good scooter insurance plan should have enough medical coverage to get a driver back on his feet after a serious accident. Anything less, and a rider it taking a big chance, no matter how safe his skill is on the road with a scooter. A rider should also consider theft as many scooters get stolen outright. If a plan doesn't include a decent replacement coverage, then the insurance policy isn't worth much when the scooter disappears in the wrong neighborhood.

A rider can find a very good plan with a bit of research and understand how different coverage plans apply. With a bit of homework, a good plan can be matched to that vintage scooter find, making entire scooter experience a enjoyable one.