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classic bike insuranceClassic Bike Insurance Vs Modern Bike Insurance

There is a big difference between classic motorbike insurance and modern bike insurance. Anything older than 25 years can be classified as a classic bike, therefore it's important to shop for insurance accordingly.

Not all companies offer classic bike insurance. The reason is that it will cost an insurance company more money to replace the bike if it is much older and therefore they don't want to be bothered with those policies. What this means for riders is that they will need to check around for companies that will issue a policy.

Insuring a classic bike will be more expensive simply because it costs more to replace. That said, there are ways to keep the costs low, primarily by shopping for quotes, reducing the amount of miles it's driven each year and storing it in a safe place.

The quotes must be shopped to get the lowest price on bike insurance. Three or four companies should be brought into the mix. When looking at a company, however, it's important to find out how they will establish the value of the bike. It should be based on fair market value. If the bike would sell at auction for £15,000, then that's about how much the insurance company should provide should it be a total loss. However, if it is based on actual cash value, it could be considerably less, making it difficult to replace it in the event of an accident.

classic motorcycle insurance Classic Motorcycle Insurance With The Quotezone Comparison System – The Devil Is In The Detail

Many classic bikes are more for show than for anything else. It’s imperative to tell an insurance company how many kilometres it will be driven a year. Many companies will provide discounts if the kilometres are kept under a certain number, and you can compare this with the Quotezone comparison system.

Finally, knowing that it is being stored in a garage as opposed to on the street can make a considerable difference in price, too. This will show the insurance company that there is less chance of it getting stolen or damaged when not in use.

Shopping for classic bike insurance can take time simply because not everyone offers it. From there, it might behove a person to spend some time looking at multiple companies to get the very best premium from month to month. Get a quote today to see how much you could save!