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Motorcycle Insurance can help you get a fast bike insurance quote and save money

Searching for bike insurance online can be a stressful and time-consuming business. Worse still, you can spend hours sorting an insurance plan, only to find that you could have got it cheaper elsewhere! In a digital age – where all the information you could possibly need is available to you instantly – it can actually get quite overwhelming looking for the best bike insurance in the UK. You just want a simple comparison system, so you can easily choose the best cheap motorcycle insurance UK for you.

Fortunately, our site is here to keep things easy, while you make the choice when it comes to motorcycle insurance. We merely offer access to a small selection of bike insurers who may be able to find you cheap bike insurance UK using the specialist insurers quotation comparison system. Using Motorbike Insurance is quick and convenient – due to our passion in motorcycles, we understand the importance of being insured on your bike quickly! So, try Motorbike Insurance today, to help find your perfect policy, and best motorcycle insurance UK.

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How to use our site for a bike insurance quote:

When looking for the best bike insurance, you want to ensure you’re getting a great deal, with a policy that’s perfect for you and your needs. But sometimes finding the best motorcycle insurance can be long-winded and takes lots of shopping around, time you’d rather spend riding your bike. Therefore, it can be best to use a comparison tool that quickly and simply takes all your needs into consideration and offers you the best bike insurance options from motorbike insurance companies UK.

Simply click onto the quote comparison tool, type all the necessary details in and press submit; you’ll be taken to a page that shows you all the best motorbike insurance UK deals, perfect for your needs. Then, you have the options to browse and buy any of the policies you see – all of which can take under 5 minutes! 

What is Motorbike Insurance? Helping you find motorbike insurance companies

Motorbike Insurance are bike fanatics, who want to help you get you the best deal on your motorbike insurance quote. The handy quotation comparison tool can help you cut through all the online noise and easily find a policy that suits you perfectly, at a price you’ll love. The motorbike insurance comparison tool helps you find all kinds of cheap motorcycle insurance policies – such as scooter insurance, moped insurance, classic bike insurance, cruiser insurance, quad bike insurance, multi bike insurance, temporary bike insurance and even particular policies, such as student insurance and 125cc bike insurance.

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Types of bike insurance cover – Motorbike insurance comparison

Before you get started riding off into the sunset it is important to know what type of road bike insurance you may need. With that in mind, here is a brief breakdown of the different types of bike insurance UK that you might be offered – and their pros and cons:

How much is motorcycle insurance?

The cost of motorcycle insurance entirely depends on your bike, and how you use it. The cost of bike insurance UK can vary depending on what kind of bike you have, how frequently (and how far) you ride it, how you store it, your age, sex and location can even make a difference – so truly, there’s no ‘one’ answer about motorbike insurance cost. Your best bet is to use the quote comparison system in order to get a free, personalise quote for you.

Do I need motorcycle license to get insurance?

Technically, you can own an insured motorcycle without a license. For example, if it’s a classic, vintage bike, you may not have a license to ride it, but you still want to collect and insure it. However, it may be harder to get insurance without a license, as many insurance companies may see this as higher risk, for example, if your license has been suspended. Therefore, getting motorcycle insurance without a license might make it harder to find relevant insurance, or it might be much more expensive.

Is motorcycle insurance cheaper than car insurance?

Typically, it’s cheaper to run a motorbike than it is a car (that’s one of the reasons we love them so much!) however, it can totally depend on your model of motorbike and riding history, as well as many other factors!

Can I add my motorbike insurance to my car insurance?

This, again, totally depends whether your insurer offers this service. We would always recommend getting in touch with your insurer to ask them about their specific policies.

Do you need insurance and tax on a motorbike?

Indeed, you do! You need insurance in order to help keep you and other drivers on the road safe. Taxing your bike is also a legal requirement. You’ll also need to remember that once your motorbike is over 3 years old, you’ll need and MOT too – it’s quite a few things to remember but setting time aside to make sure yours is all up to date is necessary. Use the quick quote system to save yourself time and money.

How do I make my bike insurance cheaper?

There are many things you can do to make your motorcycle insurance cheaper. You always need to be 100% honest with your insurers, but there are a few ways you can reduce your insurance, depending on your policy. The storage and safety of your bike affects the cost of insurance, so making sure you store it safely in a garage may make your insurance cheaper. Additionally, always riding safely will limit your risk of accidents, and insurers look at your driving history in order to raise or lower your insurance premium. Additionally, the size of your engine affects your insurance price, so this might be something to consider.

Can I buy motorbike without insurance?

It’s illegal to be on the road without insurance for your new motorcycle, but if you want to buy the bike first, you can activate a policy 24 hours after purchase, meaning you can be out on the road pretty quickly after purchase. You can also pre-purchase insurance for your delivery date, so that you can start riding straight away.

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Third Party Insurance – Motorcycle insurance cost

Third Party Insurance is the minimum bike insurance UK legally required to ride a motorcycle.

  • Third-party Insurance covers you for any damage caused by your bike against someone else or their property.
  • More importantly, third party bike insurance covers your legal costs during any subsequent proceedings.
  • However, legal costs are only covered if you purchase a legal policy, the insurance doesn’t cover the cost of legal fees.
  • The drawback is that your own motorbike will not be covered by the third-party motorcycle insurance policy. So if your bike is badly damaged, chances are you will need to buy a replacement bike outright, if you can afford to do so.
  • However, on the plus side – third-party motorcycle insurance does offer the benefit of making available some of the lowest bike insurance premiums on the market. This means Third Party insurance is one of the most cheap motorbike insurance UK options.

Get a Quote for Motorcycle Insurance Now!

If you love your bike, make sure you insure it. Use the comparison system to find the perfect, personalised insurance package for your bike.

Comprehensive electric motorcycle insurance quotes

Comprehensive electric motorcycle insurance gives you a ‘complete’ service.

  • Comprehensive bike insurance aims to offer customers a complete service, although the more complete it is, the more expensive it is likely to be.
  • Policies incorporate all of the coverage provided by third party fire and theft insurance, but crucially, provide cover for your motorbike in the event of an accident. This means while it might not be the cheapest, it might be one of the best motorbike insurance UK options.

For other motorbikes, third-party bike insurance is the best option

motorcycleThis policy covers all the same scenarios as the third-party insurance option; however, it also provides you with cover against any fire damage on the road or in your home, alongside cover from theft. There are a few options why a rider might opt for one of these policies.

Third-party bike insurance is great for motorcyclists riding valuable bikes but looking to find a reduction in their insurance premium price, compared with fully comprehensive cover. Last year alone around three million pounds of motorbikes were stolen in the UK, with an estimated 80 percent taken from outside the home. Due to the potential loss that could be caused, comprehensive motorbike insurance aims to offer customers a complete service, although the more complete it is, the more expensive it is likely to be. These policies incorporate all of the coverage provided by third party fire and theft but crucially provide cover for your motorbike in the event of an accident.

Traditionally this is the most popular type of insurance policy for riders, the majority will take up this option because of the ‘cover all bases’ protection it provides. Because of this, companies have inevitably moved to introduce various additional services that can be added to your policy.

These can include:

  • Motorbike repair in a garage or by the roadside in the event of a breakdown
  • Legal expenses insurance to help recover any uninsured losses.

With so many variations to choose from, comprehensive motorcycle cover could be for those who want that extra piece of mind.

You now know a bit more about the types of motorcycle insurance quotes available for moped, motorbike and scooter riders. The information on does not constitute financial advice, and is merely for informational purposes only, riders looking to get insurance on their bikes ought to treat this as such, and of course, we would always recommend you doing your own research.

So how do you go about choosing the bike insurance online policy that is right for you?

The factors to consider when choosing electric motorbike insurance UK:

Think about a voluntary excess

In any accident, policy holders will have to pay an excess towards covering the claim. However, in some instances, you may be able to add a voluntary excess to your policy in return for a reduction on the yearly premium you have to pay. This is for the more careful motorbike riders and moped drivers though, as if you must claim, you will be liable for both voluntary and compulsory excess payments. Although it may be a way to get cheap motorbike insurance UK, it could end up costing you more, so read the small print carefully.

Look out for no claims discount

Motorcycle insurance companies are always looking to reward premium holders that are safe riders. Most companies now offer a ‘no claims discount’ which allows riders to save money on their yearly premiums. These days, the best motorcycle insurance online companies will offer this. If they do not, keep looking.

Double check with your bike insurance company about modifications

We understand that motorbike enthusiasts will often modify their bikes over the years but be careful! Always read the small print of any electric motorbike insurance policy or query the issue of modifications with your bike insurance company to avoid finding out that your policy has become null and void. Usually motorbike insurers will be fine with modifications to your bike if they are told beforehand, they may adjust the premium – but it will be worth it compared to a voided insurance policy. This is a common problem with moped insurance policies, as riders often look to modify their exhausts and engines to get more speed and power out of them, but don’t consider that fact that cheap motorcycle insurance UK may not pay out should you get into an accident using a modified motorbike.

Don’t dismiss electric bike insurance optional extras

Bike insurers may offer a range of extras that can appear surplus to requirement, but they are offered for a reason. Whether personal accident or simply breakdown cover, they may cost more but chances are they will be worth it. You must also check that any extras – such as travel abroad – that you might need are covered in your motorcycle insurance quote UK. Some insurers include up to 90 days European cover as standard. Despite this, you should always check your policy to ensure you are covered for what you need.

Honesty is the best policy

Lying to an insurance company to get a lower premium for your motorbike might seem like an easy way to save money, but it is not going to wash. Motorcycle insurance companies are unlikely to fall for such basic tricks and if caught you could have your policy voided. Specialist providers will know your bike and the specific insurance considerations of your model, helping you to make the best and most informed choice. Factoring all of these considerations into your choice is crucial to get the best motorcycle insurance UK deal for you. However, there are some perfectly legal ways to get a better cheap motorcycle insurance quote.

Save even more money – simple ways to get cheap bike insurance UK:

Motorcyclists may save money on their motorcycle insurance costs in a number of simple ways. When getting a bike insurance quote, question whether any of the following options can save you money. With motorbike insurance costs only increasing, any safe and easy way you can save money is worth taking advantage of!

  • Some driving schools offer motorbike safety qualifications, which once gained, can save you money on your electric bike insurance every year.
  • Installing an alarm system or immobiliser may seem like an investment at first but could also end up saving you money on yearly electric motorbike insurance premiums.
  • Think about how much you ride your bike – some motorbike insurance companies UK will offer a discount on your policy if you ride less than 3,000 miles a year.
  • Some scooter insurance policies can also offer decent discounts to low mileage drivers.
  • Think about where you store your motorbike – on the driveway, garage, or on the street. The safety of your bike can affect your insurance quote. Always make sure you store it as safely as possible for a cheap electric bike insurance quote.
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Why is it so hard to find cheap motorcycle insurance UK?

We understand it can be hard to find cheap road bike insurance. The market has never been tougher for finding the best electric bike insurance. In 2010, the AA reported an 11 percent increase in insurance prices for the second quarter of the year – it was the biggest increase in 16 years. With insurance prices showing no sign of slowing down, price comparison tools are becoming incredibly useful and valuable to the consumer. So, compare today to find the best insurance companies UK with no hassle.

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