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Gender matters when it comes to bike insurance. It all comes down to statistics. Statistics show that female drivers are safer on four wheels and on two wheels. What this means is that female bike insurance can be more affordable than for males. Shopping for rates can become easier, though there are still things to look for to get the best rates.

Shopping online for bike insurance simplifies the entire process. Quotes can be compared from company to company in a matter of minutes. Once the basic information is loaded into the website, the quotes are generated, making comparing rates easy. It also prevents a person from having to drive around town to meet with agents or sit on hold over the telephone.

While female bike insurance is generally more affordable, the driving record matters, too. Those who have had accidents on a bike within the past 5 years will likely pay for their mistakes through higher bike insurance. This can be combatted through taking safe driving courses that will prove to an insurance company that the driver has learned from her mistakes.

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The type of bike that a female rides is also critical to getting an affordable rate quote. The 125cc motorcycles are much cheaper to insure than the sportier models that go faster. This has to do with the likelihood of getting into an accident. If a driver does opt for a sportier model, security and safety features can help to reduce the cost.

Driving experience also matters. Females will get lower quotes than males, however the time on the road can have a dramatic effect on the premium. Provisional licenses and those who have been driving on a full license for under 5 years will pay more. There are advanced driver courses that can be taken to reduce the cost of insurance, however it will still be a factor to consider.

Not all companies charge the same, either. One insurance company may find it more important to put an emphasis on the bike being driven, others will focus on driving history. This is why comparison shopping for female bike insurance is absolutely critical.

The make and model of the bike, the amount of experience a driver has and past accidents all matter when getting a bike insurance quote. Being a female helps, but it's not an automatic way to get cheap bike insurance. This means that it's necessary to know other ways to get the premium as low as possible.