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Custom motorcycle insurance can be very expensive if you don't know the right places to find it! Whether it's a chopper or other form of custom motorcycle, the cost of repairs and replacement are taken into consideration during the rate quote process. What one company quotes can be significantly different than another specialist bike insurance company.

There is a way to find out who has the lowest custom motorcycle insurance - simply make a quick quote on While it's still quite hard to keep costs down, using to help find the most competitive custom bike insurance quote can make it much easier.

Some insurance companies specialise in providing premiums to custom motorcycles while others won't cover the motorcycle at all. Therefore it can be tiresome and time-consuming identifying the companies that will even offer insurance. Using, it will be easier to get quotes and determine which option offers the most affordable quote as well as the best coverage on the bike.

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Understanding how a custom bike is valued is critical, especially in the event of a motorcycle being involved in an accident. A specialist or custom bike insurance company will then either provide actual cash value or fair market value. The actual cash value is what was paid, minus depreciation. The fair market value is what it would be worth in terms of trying to replace it.

Depending upon what is custom about the bike, it may be easier to get it insured. Body work is fairly minimal. A custom paint job may have cost a lot of money but it might not be valued with the motorcycle insurance. Therefore a driver would have to live with that cost. However, modifications to the engine, handlebars and other such parts would be covered by the insurance company, provided that was declared at the time of the quote.

Invoices may need to be provided to the insurance company for them to determine the value prior to providing a quote for the insurance. The process of finding companies and getting quotes may take longer than a standard motorcycle, however if it is going to be driven on the roads, it must be insured.

Most people need to plan on spending more money for their custom motorcycle insurance because the cost of the bike is traditionally higher. However, custom doesn't mean that a driver has to pay the highest rate. Comparing quotes using can establish who has the highest and lowest rates as well as who will value the bike appropriately.