About MotorcycleInsurance.org.uk

Motorcycleinsurance.org.uk started from a love of motorcycles,
the classics, the tourers, the race bikes, all of them!

So being motorbike riders as well as enthusiasts, naturally,
we felt we had the passion for bikes to make something that
other bikers like us, would come to love, and use as their
resource for motorcycle insurance quotes.

Having teamed up with what we think is the best possible insurer,
as well as increasing our collective experience in the bike industry
spanning some 20 odd years, we feel we can offer competitive
motorcycle insurance to a very large range of bike riders, of all
experience levels and ages. Try us out with a free quote today!

If you have any questions about us, please contact us at:

Absolute Digital Media Ltd
Milstrete House
29 New Street
0800 088 6000